Active Hope

As I begin to travel and meet people in bookstores, community centers, and places of worship, I am moved by the depth of their questions, the depth of their care for the world. I feel the weight that so many are carrying right now, as we consider the challenges facing us.

And I talk about hope, not a passive hope, waiting for something to change, but the hope that Elie Wiesel taught us. This is hope as a moral choice, hope that motivates us to do something, anything, to make things better. “Look for the outstretched hand,” he said. “Who in your immediate circle needs help, a smile, a kind word?”

Large, emergent solutions begin with small, human gestures. When I feel overwhelmed by the world’s need, I try to focus on 5 modest things I can do that might make even a small difference to one person.

What is one modest act of hope you can choose today?